Artistnameleon Make Waves with “GO”


“Still going numb and it’s midnight, party ain’t a party less we get right…go, go, freeze, go, up, down, fast, slow…”

– quote from “GO”

STREAM: https://open.spotify.com/track/47y8BrwW7lCA4VWUyGYhTN

There’s no experience as beautiful as discovering your passion and then making huge progress with the effort you put into it. This is the case of Apex Leon, known as Artistnameleon, a Valdosta raised rapper and hip-hop artist whose transition to singing plunged him into an ocean of passion he never realized existed.

Now living in Los Angeles, Artistnameleon was initially a songwriter until he discovered the right waters to explore. In 2015, he switched to R&B and added an intriguing special feature to his voice. By combining a touch of R&B of the 90s with modified 21st century hip-hop, the artist did what no other artist could do to his fans. And as expected, this uniqueness captivated people and overwhelmed the entire music industry.

It’s natural to conclude that the upcoming artist is only making waves in the music industry because some big guys up there are leading him by the hand right? Wrong.  Artistnameleon isn’t signed by any record label, he’s completely on his own. He’s doing just fine because he happens to be an entrepreneur at heart and was able to startup a t-shirt clothing line called “ANL Tees”. Surprisingly, within one week of startup he sold out the entire t-shirt inventory before they could even get to any online shopping platform. Artistnameleon is also a devout and recognized member of ASCAP.

Just like every other song he has recorded, “GO” has attained an enviable spot on various platforms like Spotify and ReverbNation. Within a few days after the release of the song, he skyrocketed to 110th position among the top 150 independent charts. The video of the song has so far gathered over 100k views on Spotify with over 20k listeners on a monthly basis.

From the look of things, Artistnameleon is gradually becoming a global hipster as “GO” has so far gathered over 8k listeners in Toronto alone, over 3k listeners residing in Vancouver and almost a thousand listeners from Coquitlam. That’s not all. He has also acquired a fan base of over 500 people in Richmond Hill and a whooping 3k people in Paris listening to his latest hit. There’s plainly no doubt that the figures would continue to rise and even spread to other parts of the world.


The rising star also performs at various shows and events in Los Angeles and is rapidly strengthening his fan base all over the US. Undoubtedly, he is equally clearing the path for other independent upcoming stars and encouraging them to do even better.

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