Hayz Drops a New Banger “DURO”


“Lately I been thinking, girl what I’ll do for the sensation, all what she do for the Ben Franklins, I keep it comin’…”

– quote from “Keep It Coming”

STREAM: https://open.spotify.com/album/3Bk9xzKibIgLg9jqg9oxWe

There are many things to indulge in as the summer passes and one of the most important is good music. Canadian hip-hop artist, songwriter and producer Hayz’s new track totally fits into the category of such good music you should be listening to.

The self-produced track by Hayz released on August 30th via Umami Records is titled “DURO” and features talented Latin artist Balam Kiel. 

A track that very much moves you to sing and dance along, “DURO” drips of passion and confidence even as both singers deliver their lyrics freely and unapologetically leaving you with no other option than to bask in the vibe and energy they possess.

“DURO” is a reggaeton-infused Latin track that represents in every sense the meaning of the word which is “to go hard at something” as the track is hard enough to make you sing and dance the summer away.

So whether you are going hard at work, pursuit of your dream, relationship or you just want to indulge yourself and party hard, Hazy’s “DURO” is what you should look out for.

With a track like this it is not difficult to see why Hayz is climbing the charts and fast becoming a reference point in the industry even as his multiple talents come to play in whatever he does.

For someone who found music as a medium of expression especially in dark times, Hayz began his journey with music as a therapeutic one. He started off making and producing beats as early as 15, then tried his hands at rapping and eventually singing; now he does production, rapping and singing all in one.


Hayz has performed on stage alongside Ginuwine as well as DJ Z-Trip and had his debut single “Keep It Comin” in rotation at Toronto’s largest urban station, CBC Radio 3, Flow 93.5, The Carribean Broadcast Network and a couple other stations in the U.S. His track also made top 30 on Canadian and top 100 on US iTunes Charts.

Speaking on the making on the song, Hayz revealed that the beat for “DURO” became a track upon suggestion by his manager.


“Before DURO ever existed, it was just a beat I made and it was sitting among hundreds of others in my vault until my manager came across it and instantly knew it was something special. We both decided then and there that we were going to pursue turning this beat into a full-fledged track worthy of being a stand-alone single.”

I would say Hayz did a pretty good job of making it a stand-alone hit and you would agree with me once you get to listen to the track for yourself.

“DURO” is not only an amazing blend of modern and traditional rhythm, bilingual vocals and infectious energy; it is an exotic track with much flavor and flair. 

Stream, listen, and buy “DURO” on all major media platforms.








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