Juliet July Tells of Love and Dreams in “Sunday Afternoon” Video

Juliet July

“You are like the Sunday afternoon, aglow, so free of rules. Forgetting all about the Monday blues, singing away all the sorrows…”

– quote from “Sunday Afternoon”

STREAM: https://open.spotify.com/album/4lBmIvCGmq969HqxN6xG2e

If you have been anticipating Juliet July’s upcoming EP “Palmtrees in the Mist”, then you have one more reason to look forward to its release. Juliet’s newest video “Sunday Afternoon” is the first song from her upcoming EP and is as mouthwatering as appetizers get.

Juliet sets the scene of an ancient love story as she sings from the point of a lady who found herself in the glow of love that came unexpected. A lady who never cared much about love found herself loving and longing for someone and wanting to love freely without being hindered by all the rules and boundaries accompanying the busy life.

Perhaps most relatable in these times where we get increasingly busy with work and everything else, somehow most of us are still lucky enough to find love; even when we are not looking.

With an eclectic video shot partly in Egypt and the Netherlands, July not only sets us in the mood to lay back, relax, and fall in love, but she does it with as much sensuality, creativity and beauty packed in a video directed by Manny Nickpour and Produced by Virgil Lewis.

Dressed like an Egyptian beauty in most of the scenes and fitting right into it, Juliet meets her Egyptian prince as she sings about loving freely with her soulful and airy vocals.

Juliet July

“Sunday Afternoon” is a fusion of jazz, soul and R&B in a manner that would keep you longing for more verses or tracks like this.

For the multi-talented Amsterdam artist, creativity runs through her veins. July not only writes and makes music, she is also into acting and modeling. With experience in performing plays and constantly traveling the world for modeling, she is never short of something to write and sing about as she draws inspiration from her experiences everywhere she goes and turns them into lyrics and concepts.

With an international Bachelor degree in Communication and Media, and later a course in Herman Brood Academie, a music school in The Netherlands is where she not only worked on developing herself as an artist but also joined a Streetsoul group “Lucid” and released an album and a couple of videos as a part of the group.  With tracks like “Worlds Unknown”, “Don’t Run” and live performances like “Breakfast Can Wait” and “One-Way Street”, Juliet has continued to thrill fans even as she builds a career for herself as one of the best.

Known for her fusion of jazz, soul and R&B, you can imagine what kind of tracks you will be getting from the “Palmtrees in the Mist” album which will be released in the early days of 2020.

With plans to expand her style with funk elements in the near future, Juliet is expected to make it big with her songs and perhaps win an award sooner than you would think.

“Sunday Afternoon” is available for streaming on Youtube, Spotify, Soundcloud and other media platforms.






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