Nao Yoshioka Paints a Picture of Gray Areas with “Got Me”

Nao Yoshioka

“Got me feeling so crazy right now, I don’t even understand it…I’m feeling so lost, got me so addicted to ya…”

– quote from “Got Me”

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Japanese award winning soul and R&B musician Nao Yoshioka has released the lead single for her latest album “Undeniable”. The artist who is known for her positive songs and lyrics has taken a different path with her newest release “Got Me”, which is not only sad and heartbreaking but properly depicts the feelings that go with pining after a hopeless relationship. 

The SoulTracks’ 2015 New Artist of the Year and winner of 2018 UK Bright Star Award for Best International Artist has continued to evolve and gain recognition since the release of her first album “The Light” in 2013. Her lead single “I Love When” also made #32 on the Billboard Urban Adult Contemporary chart, and her third album got her named “impeccable neo-soul” by Rolling Stone.

Nao stole the heart of her American and worldwide audience with the US re-release of her third album “The Truth” which received positive reviews across the board, making her the first Japanese soul singer to create such a buzz with her music.

Three years after her last album, Yoshioka reminds us why we fell in love with her and reclaims her undeniable soul with her latest album that features not only her great soulful voice but also a self- reflective message.

“Got Me” is produced by Musicman Ty the Swizz Beatz protégé and has been described by Nao as a gray-area love song of mixed feelings. Nao sings about an addiction to a doomed relationship due to one’s inability to call it quits even when they are being hurt just because they lack the courage to pick themselves up and walk away.

Nao Yoshioka

Much more than her powerful sonorous voice that soundly delivers the emotion in every line she sings, the instrumentation and visuals contributes immensely to create a modern taste of her regular soul music.

The video of “Got Me” which is shot in Tokyo, Japan is directed by Namiko Takahashi with Naoki Yamanouchi as executive producer.

Released under Sweet Soul Records, “Got Me” and the rest of the “Undeniable” album celebrates that moment of self-rediscovery, coming back to one’s self and one’s very nature even after losing it somewhere along the way.

This rediscovery is just as personal to Nao as to many of us as she says “The journey from my last album to here, it’s like I was kind of reborn in a sense. I needed to throw away everything that I had become at that moment. I had to face myself, talk to my heart and ask myself who I really am and what I really want. That’s why my new album is about those undeniable feelings. Because I needed to know what I most desire, what my desire wants me to do.”

Join Nao Yoshioka on a journey to unfold these feelings and desires with “Got Me” and “Undeniable”.

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