Eddy Calvert Keeps It On Love and Relationship with New Release “Brand New”

Eddy Calvert

“I had to get you on a whole different angle. If my exes call my phone, then they’ll get canceled. To make you mine, baby girl I really plan to…”

– quote from “Brand New”

STREAM: https://open.spotify.com/track/2P4T7soYaUFpPRoxO04Xen

Nothing gets as sweet and personal as Eddy Calvert’s “Brand New” track and music video. With this one Eddy takes us through one of those feelings we have all felt at one time or the other – “insecurities”. He sings about a relationship where one party has insecurities and the other tries to assure them that they have nothing to worry about.

With smooth, sweet and a bit blush worthy lyrics, Calvert assures his insecure beauty that all the exes and the things he has done in the past don’t mean anything anymore as she’s the only one he wants to be with.

Delving into topics centered on relationships, love and life is a thing that Eddy has become known and loved for. Every one of his work mirrors his personal life, his emotions as well as his seemingly addiction to love and lust.

With his first official independent debut of “Lust Lips & Drug Trips” a 7 track EP in 2013, the Hastings, England born artist became known as more than a music producer, but also a singer and rapper with a talent that the people loved and wanted to see more of. Eddy also caught the attention of popular London rap artist Squeeks who cosigned him to Presidential Music where he worked on producing and featuring in Squeeks’s album “White House” and a joint single “Don’t F With Me” which gained him exposure as MTV supported the single.

Eddy Calvert

From 2013 till date, Calvert has released quite a number of singles and albums including “Intimacy”,

“X” and “Thirst” have received millions of streams and views across various media platforms. He released all three singles and then some more under the American, Atlanta based record label “Dream Loud Music Group” where he was signed at the time.

Known for his honest lyricism, great vocals and adept ability to take you through every feeling and emotion in his songs, Eddy Calvert has been growing and increasing in popularity in the UK music scene as he continues to release music that one cannot help but love.

Not only does he mix, produce and master all his music and freestyles, Eddy Calvert gives us music we can all relate to and feel; real life experiences, emotions, personal evaluation, love, lust, relationships and everything in between.

Eddy speaks about his new song, “Brand New is a very personal record I wrote about being in a relationship where the other person has insecurities. To keep it short and sweet this song is me singing to my girl giving her the reassurance she needs. I dive into topics about past relationships, my life in recent events. I hope you enjoy this R&B record with a visual.”

“Brand New” is produced by WillPhillips, the music video is directed by Federico Garidn, mix and mastered by Eddy Calvert.

You can watch, stream or listen to “Brand New” on YouTube, Soundcloud, iTunes, Spotify, and other major media platforms.









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