Noah Slee Releases New Track “Still”

Noah Slee

“How could I be thinking about you still, you got that kind of love that’s hard to kill, you build me up and tear me down in no time, oh my, all lies, is this real…”

– quote from “Still”

STREAM: https://orcd.co/noahsleestill

Just when you think Noah Slee has done it all with the release of “Sunflower” in July, he is back to pull on the strings of your heart with his most recent single “Still”.

The Berliner New Zealand artist, who is known for his unique music style of contemporary R&B as well as his smooth vocals that go right to your soul, has once again showed us that harmony, emotions and melody is something that comes naturally to him.

Quite similar to “Sunflower”, Noah sings of love and letting go in “Still” even as he exposes us to an emotion that we have all felt a time or the other.  Noah reminisces about an elusive love that one cannot seem to let go of even when it is clear that it is the best thing for us to do.

With his smooth soulful vocals and the deep reaching lyrics blending freely into all other elements of the song, Slee takes us through a personal story that is both laidback and emotional.

From the lyrics you can clearly see the contrast, the struggle and the underlying emotion he very well portrayed.

With a video featuring dancing, Noah once again shows his creativity and uniqueness with not only his contrasting lyrics but also upbeat melody and rhythm that creates a beautiful contrast.

Noah Slee

Speaking about working on “Still”, Slee has this to say “Still is uncomfortably embarrassing….. I guess we’ve all been there though!!! It was a fun process writing this song. I love when a song comes so easily even if it is a little sad.”

Knowing Noah and his originality, artistry and passion and having seen him gain popularity overtime even as he embarked on two world tours and gained an award for his 2017 album “Otherland” then ventured into dance, music and visual arts packaged into the 2018 short film, it is easy to see him becoming one of the best in the industry soon.

Once you listen to “Still”, you can visualize it getting just as much recognition as “Sunflower”, which was praised by many magazines and music connoisseurs like Annie Mac Radio 1.

With “Still” dropping as the second single from Noah’s EP “Twice”, for which he is working alongside international artists and creatives like Beau Diako, Lvther, Ben Esser, Paul Bender, and Simon Mavin, anticipations just got higher as we look on to getting more songs like this from the EP that drops on November 22nd and is already available for pre-order.








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