Neaks Takes Fans on a Journey as he Features Kye Hefner in New Single “Fallen”


“Do you got what it takes? Can you wear the hat bro? Sold shirts on the street just to eat, we was mad broke…”

– quote from “Fallen”

STREAM: https://soundcloud.com/neaksworld/fallen

Los Angeles based rapper, singer and songwriter Neaks has raised the curtains to a different kind of hip-hop with his new track “Fallen”.

The recording artist and musician has opened up as a dancer for artists like Tyga, LMFAO, Shwayze and Chris Young and has worked with artists like Ne-Yo, Timberland, Michael Franti and Colbie Caillat.

An all-round creative who believes in truth and expression through music, art, fashion and film, Neaks is a founding member of Tastemaker Collective where he works on uniting young people towards speaking the truth with their talents.

As to be expected from works by Neaks, “Fallen” boasts of deep lyrics, passion and sets the tone for what hip-hop would look like in the nearest future. “Fallen” sheds light on the struggle even as Neaks and his younger brother Kye Hefner tells a story virtually everyone has lived a version of.

The song opens up on a note of the struggle and goes on to represents both sides of the life they have lived thus far especially concerning Neaks’ clothing line, Tastemaker Collective which has been worn by stars and celebrities like Chris Brown, Young Thug, Anderson Paak and a couple of others after it made popular by Kylie Jenner who wore their “DAD” hat on the Kardashain show in 2015.

Neaks creatively weaves his words as he tells of his eventual success after a long struggle. Truly, everyone who has struggled and made it can totally relate, and even those who still haven’t hit the big bucks can see this as an inspiration as they work hard. Neaks himself says “We all say we want something, but most of us are afraid to fight for it… there is no plan B for me. I was made to fight.”


With beats by Baker Beats and videography by Nir Goldberg, “Fallen” radiates every inch of energy, emotion, tension, vulnerability, passion and confidence that Neaks diffuses even as he tells what is his personal story, and a general one as well.

“Fallen” is much more than just a song, it is an inspiration, a challenge and a testimony of hard times that led to good success.

With the passion and drive Neaks has continued to display and as we expect more songs like “Fallen”, Neaks just might be on his way to becoming not only a renowned artist but also a pacesetter for creatives, musicians and talents in the industry.

Join Neaks as he takes you on this thrilling journey by streaming or downloading “Fallen” on Youtube, iTunes, Spotify, Google play, Amazon and Soundcloud.






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