Saul Rivers Tugs at the Heartstrings with “Waves”

Saul Rivers

“I sit down and try to right my mind, but this time I’m throwing it away. I just wanna feel for the first time without my mind getting in the way…”

– quote from “Waves”

STREAM: https://soundcloud.com/saulriversmusic/waves-1/s-85L0o

Looking for a song that teaches you to let go of yourself and just feel? There, you have it. Multi-talented New York born and bred artist Saul Rivers puts together a calm soulful melody with element of pop, soul, and R&B which is no doubt the perfect recipe your life needs right now and calls it “Waves”.

With an official single released on August 16th and the remix just hot out the studio August 30th, Rivers brings not only a song but an experience with simple lyrics, clean rhythm and smooth production. “Waves” calls on you to connect and leave behind the hustles and bustles of our daily life, get out of our heads and unwind.

As much as we struggle to be on top of everything that goes on us around us, Saul helps us see the good in sometimes letting go of the worries and pressures of life, setting free from our thoughts and floating in a realm where all we feel is bliss and contentment.

The lyrics sang by the serene voice of Rivers calls you out and does not let you go until it takes you to that place where you can be at peace just as the talented singer and songwriter hoped that it would.

“Waves is about getting out of your head and into your body… As a native New Yorker, I’ve been surrounded by the hustle and bustle of a city that truly never stops moving. My hope is that this song takes you to a place where you can groove, dance, and forget about everything in your head and just enjoy the music,” Rivers speaks about the song.

Saul Rivers Waves

Released 4 years after it was actually written, the song takes shape overtime and eventually makes it to the studio after its first release as a live version on Saul’s last EP “The Pineapple Sessions”.

With a great team made up of Scott Jacoby (owner and founder of Eusonia Studios in New York City) as producer, Adam Jackson on the drum set, Al Carty on bass and Eli Menezes on guitar, “Waves” was recorded at Powerstation New England and stands out as one release that is capable of springing Rivers right up the charts.

Saul Rivers recently signed to Level after a largely successful 2017 studio EP “Couldn’t Do it Alone”, which garnered millions of streams and has performed in two sold out shows alongside jazz musician Gideon King and his band. He’s exactly the voice you need to be hearing now.








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