Rosco P Returns with New Track “FLXN” Produced by DeeJay Shyne

Rosco P Flxn

“Been on fire for a minute, I been grinding independent, know them labels coming with it…”

– quote from “FLXN”

STREAM:  https://soundcloud.com/deejayshyne/rosco-p-deejay-shyne-flxn

It’s all about hitting back better with Rosco P as he returns with a hot track that reminds you the talented artist means business.

A banging new single produced by DeeJay Shyne and directed by Derien Aurelius, “FLXN” is packed full of the ever present energy Rosco P offers in a fast paced delivery with a banging beat, amazing lyrics and unique visuals.

“FLXN” takes you on a thrilling ride and leaves you wanting more even after the song is done.

With hit tracks like “Stay”, “Blue Benjamins”, “Adios” and “Progressions”, It is easy to see that Rosco’s powerful verses, gawdy vocabulary and memorable hooks set him aside from the others as a unique talent who offers both slow jams and club bangers with the same level of ease and finesse.

Rosco P
Rosco P

Hailing from the west side of Lansing, Michigan, talented rapper, lyricist and co-founder of Zoo Crew, Rosco’s journey in the music industry started with beat production but he later branched into rap with the aim to create songs that would pass a message across, influence local rap positively and succeed in the industry.

Rosco P has named Drake, Travis Scott and J Cole as a few of his inspirations within hip-hop as well as Michael Jackson, The Chi Lites, Thomas Jones (his uncle) and a few others. He also owes his drive towards pursuing success to a Bob Marley documentary that convinced him people need to hear music that brings with it a message and helps them overcome their struggles. He promises to be a positive influence in the industry even as he inspires others with his songs and works on self-improvement.

When two talented artists like Rosco P and Deejay Shyne work together on a track, you get nothing short of the vibe, creativity and flow ‘FLXN’ is filled with.







DeeJay Shyne
DeeJay Shyne

Just as responsible for the success of ‘FLXN’ is Belgian producer DeeJay Shyne who has made a name for himself as a certified club rocker for over a decade and has played in parties across the world from  Paris to London, Brussels, Marbella, and Dubai to name a few.

Renowned for his banging mixtapes and remakes on Soundcloud such as “Night Ride”, “Balenciaga Challenge”, “Type A Way”, and “Your Peace”, as well as for producing tracks for various artists, Shyne made his first single “Work It” under brand new label of urban and electronic music WAV where he features notable artists like Grammy nominated R&B duo Blaq Tuxedo.

Shyne is known and respected for his ability to hold the emotions of his audience with his individual sound, energy and skills that keep people jumping whenever he plays.

Known for producing songs for talented artists within genres like hip-hop, R&B and soul, DeeJay Shyne is a master of many genres as his talent as a producer, DJ and artist knows no bounds.




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