Micki Ronnae Drops New Age Music Video “Cream”

Micki Ronnae

“I swear to God, I’m too much for TV, I’m in and out them n** hardly see me…”

– quote from “Cream”

STREAM: https://song.link/a/B07MD27CGG

Bright and promising artist Micki Ronnae is becoming the cream of the crop as she drops her new music video “Cream”.

“Cream” is a new-age video featuring a hard trap beat, colorful visuals, beautiful effects and hard sound lyrics that not many rappers can boast of. She raps about having lots of cash while “grinding hard every day of the week” with an energy that is contagious.

Ronnae defines the concept behind “Cream” as “trying to keep it clever and take it slow” while making something different from what she had been doing for a while.

The multi-talented Tulsa, Oklahoma songwriter, producer, singer, rapper, dancer, drummer has been thrilling fans with her creative soundtracks from “No Sleep” to “Sauced Up”, “Location” and obviously has no plans of slowing down.

With an early discovery of what she wanted to do, Micki started writing songs as early as 8 years old and was initially content with helping people produce on the background, but later decided to get herself and her music out there.

Micki Ronnae

Her mom got her the first ever tools she worked with while her dad was the first person who put her in the studio. Once she got in, she decided it was what she wanted to do for the long term and she hasn’t stopped ever since.

Micki is doubtlessly a new different flavor than the music industry is used to, as she brings a new life to hip-hop while creating fusions with other genres like pop, soul, alternate rock and the likes. Her songs are known to reflect not only her passionate and energetic lyrics but also a reflection of her attentiveness to society. She doesn’t think her style is easy to define but she describes her aim as “basically making songs that people will always want to listen to.”

A lyricists like none other, Ronnae always has her rhymes tight and original even as she draws motivation from herself and inspiration from artists like Kanye, Soulja Boy, Kid Cudi and Wale.

Micki Ronnae Cream

Amongst a ton of singles, she has also featured in songs like “Phase Me” with I am Senti and “Red Light” with Emmet Glascott and Khaino.

On the verge of stardom and ready to break through at an unexpected pace, she has had conversations with Universal, Interscope and Def Jam regarding her demo.

“I wanna be a big deal in the industry, stand out…. I have plans to be a major creative, someone who influences a lot of people” she says when asked about her end goal in the industry. From every indication, she is very much on her way to achieving her goal even as she touches millions of people with her music and unites cultures with her art.

“Cream” is available for listening and streaming on Tidal, Amazon, Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud, Deezer and other media platforms.







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