Nisha Releases New Visual for “Figures”


All you care about is figures, money figures, body figures, trynna figure who’s is bigger…”

– quote from “Figures”

Singer and songwriter, Nisha has hit home with the release of her newest single “Figures”.

The multi-talented artist known for her unique eclectic style of music has put together what can be described as an original piece of art with a resounding message that stems from a fusion of diverse genres of music creatively knitted to “wow” you.

“Figures” is way more than a song but a guide, a road map, an exposition and an inspiration for both herself, others in the industry and those who might come after. Drawing inspiration from conversations she had with colleagues about the music industry, she realized she could make something great out of all they talked about and moved to do just that.

“The song came out as a conversation about the dark sides of the industry; the dark side of competition….. initially, I didn’t assume the song was for me, I was worried it was maybe too aggressive – I was pushing that boundary for myself but I knew I loved it, I felt really connected to it and I was super motivated by what it was saying so I went home and wrote the second verse on the piano. When I sent it to the rest of the crew and saw what the responses were from these musicians that I really admire and respected, I just felt it was important to finish this one right and take it to the finish line.” Nisha had this to say about the inspiration behind the song and her decision to give it a go.

“Figures” is fantastic piece of art that not only leaves one in awe of the artist Nisha, but goes to show how high up the ladder she is climbing with her one-of-a-kind talent and originality that places her on a pedestal as one of the most original and natural artists whose independence and creativity is a pacesetter for many.

As a lyricist, songwriter and solo artist signed to the Universal Music Group, Nisha takes storytelling and composition to a level. From her original singles like “Midas”, “Sandcastles” and “Parade” to her collaborations like “Wendy” with Sizzy Rocket and “Bad Sandy” with Feli Ferraro, and haven written the 2017 Gryffin and ILLENIUM “Feel Good” alongside Daya and Toby Gad, Nisha is a whole new feeling. She has also been working with the likes of Chance the Rapper, Frank Duke, Sergio Mednes and Donny Osmond and is currently working with Aaron Carpenter, Daya, Baby Ariel and other talented artists.

“Figures” speaks of the dark side of competition in its deep lyrics “All you care about is figures, money figures, body figures, trynna figure who’s is bigger” and is produced by Alex and Alex, released through AWAL and exclusively premiered on The Nocturnal times.


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