Ay Wing Says Goodbye to the Summer with “Orange Dreamer”

Ay Wing

“Nothing ever stays the same, seasons changing, storms stopped raging…”

– quote from “Orange Dreamer”

Berlin based musician, songwriter, and producer Ay Wing’s latest single “Orange Dreamer” is what can be best described as a beautiful representation of an amazing journey through time. 

“Orange Dreamer” is a smooth, soothing track with beautiful flow featuring contemporary R&B beat produced by German music producer Shuko.

STREAM: https://open.spotify.com/track/5EEtTFmVrAduqDGv5fOLXA

The Swiss born artist whose music is a creative blend of unique candy-colored, beat driven champagne pop features Chuuwee on this nostalgic track that tells a story of a journey to finding one’s self as one season gives way to another and things continue to change endlessly.

 The “Fortunes” and “Repaint Love” singer wrote the lyrics of “Orange Dream” while she was going through a tough period in her life and it spans through her period of recovery and getting herself back together. “The song is about getting back to finding myself again” Ay Wing says about the awesome track. 

“My friend says he always sees the color orange when I’m with him so it seems to be my color.” She says about her choice of name for the track “Orange Dreamer”.

The track features talented hip-hop artist Chuuwee (Dionte Hunter), who graced the song with an appealing verse and eases into a smooth blend with Ay Wing. The American artist who is just as much a talented songwriter, rapper and lyricist had nothing but praise for Wing whose unique music style he admits made him readily agree to collaborate on the track with her. “I’ve never rapped to anything like Dreamer before. It was fun trying to find the best way to approach it.” he talks about writing his verse for the track.

Ay Wing also had good things to say about the collaboration with Chuuwee. “When I first heard Chuuwee’s verse, I realized his words made me fall in love with the song in a whole new way” she says. Not only did their collaboration bring Wing’s dream for the song into reality, she admits it also reminded her of what she really needed to do. “I needed to slow down, be more playful, and stay open to embracing all life’s changes.”

For everyone who understand that change is just as constant as growth and needs to learn to accept it, the song’s lyrics would stand out “nothing ever stays the same, seasons changing, storms stopped raging.”

Ay Wing
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