Lil Ruff House Is Kodak Moves the Crowd with “John Deer”


“We just let the rats get caught up in the trap, then the squad come through and we snatch up all the cheese…”

– quote from “John Deer”

Kansas City rapper and hip-hop singer Lil Ruff House Is Kodak (RHIK) has released a hit single “John Deer”.

The fast growing musician featured his brother King Krook a.k.a Solo on this amazing music that has got everyone feeling and singing along.

“John Deer”, which features not only Lil Ruff but also his brother Solo is a song that shows everyone has a tough side to them; even those who don’t always act tough. Introvert or extrovert, the song helps you relate with your inner gangster and see your strength when others don’t.

“I made a song for people who feel their gangsta is being tested” is what RHIK has to say about this song.

RHIK’s “John Deer” is produced under The Grind Is Real Ent. and available for listening and download on virtually all media platforms including Spotify, iHeart,  iTunes, Amazon and Deezer.

Lil Ruff has transformed his passion and love for art alongside a great deal of talent into music for everyone. Having started out as a gospel rap artist with the rap group “RACC’S”, he sang in churches and then later had a couple of shows at the Starlight Theatre where he not only stunned the audience but caught the attention of FOX 4 News, who invited them to perform on live TV.


Lil Ruff has been in lots of music videos and a couple of movies including Mizznekol’s “Standards” music video produced by Alpone . He has also been instrumental in making a lot of hit songs and music videos for artists in Kansas.

His group “Hood Hippy” has put together lots of shows and entertainments all targeted at making people happy.

A rapper with a difference, RHIK is a talented artist who does music for the people. His songs revolve around life and resonates the human emotions we all feel at one time or the other, making it easy to not only feel but connect to his music. “I capture the emotions that we feel on an entire spectrum and find an outlet to express the same emotions. I feel that’s what music should be about” he says when asked about his kind of music.

Lil Ruff House Is Kodak has created music that is not only real and genuine, but reflects shared feelings and experiences whether joy, tears or struggles so don’t get surprised to find yourself in his songs.

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