B.Wize “Introduction of a Wize Man”


“What’s your pain, what’s your strain? Say you searching for some pleasure. What’s your aim, is it pointed at some peace?

– quote from “Hard Days Night”

Kansas born and bayou raised rap artist and founder of College Takeover Tour, B. Wize is more than just a rapper; he is a writer, public speaker and Emcee as well.

Making a late entry into the rap scene, B.Wize spent the earlier parts of his life writing poetry and Emceeing. He attributes the development of his literary, poetic and MC skills to a genetic contribution by his mom who loves writing and his dad who is a great spokesperson.

College Takeover Tour https://www.collegetakeovertour.org/

At 23, he wrote his first rap lyrics for a music class in college, but it wasn’t until 3 later he released his first record ever which he titled “Audience”. Although it was a successful project, it exposed him to the worries of the hip-hop industry especially monetization and degradation of women and raised the desire to make a positive difference in the African American community.

B.Wize speaks of Eminem and Lupe Fiasco as his mentors in hip-hop. He combines the raw, carefree attitude of Eminem and the social conscious disposition of Lupe to build his image in the industry. He also draws inspiration TuPac, Nas, Jay-z and Andre 3000.

Most importantly, B.Wize lives to be different from the bunch, a rebel with a cause and focuses his music on positivity, inspiration and truth from all angles. “I rather my work be known for truth when I’m dead than be live popular fronting lies” he says. He classifies his songs as “feel good music”, which causes one to “think and not sink”.


A very notable single released by B.Wize is “Hard Days Night” in which he focuses on mental health and depression as a result of the environment we live in.

B.Wize is the founder and organizer of a non-profit tour called “College Takeover Tour” which does fundraising concerts to raise awareness about mental health and suicide prevention.

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