Ray J’s Deal with Cannabis Company Fundanna

Ray J

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The popular Raymond Norwood Jr., song writer, singer, reality tv personality and entrepreneur just  recently signed a million dollar deal with cannabis company Fundanna. This is a major achievement for him in his business and philanthropy as regards cannabis advancement because he was assigned the position of Chief Strategic Media Officer of Fundanna, as he is to feature in crowdfunding.

According to his deal, Ray J will receive a million dollars every year from the company and in return, he has infomercial duties to the brand, as he is expected to recruit potential investors and urge people to put their money in this particular weed company as an investment.

Apparently, reports have it that Ray J has received several multi million dollar deals from different cannabis and weed companies within a short time. He personally owns a cannabis company where he recently invested 5 million dollars as start up capital.

Fundanna is the very first equity portal for crowd funding that is specifically for the cannabis industry. The aim of the company, like many others, is to promote, build and develop the medical cannabis industry while providing economic support and aid those that depend on the substance.

Cannabis and Sexuality

Many decades ago, popular people used their influence and power to put down cannabis. It was an era where little was known about the advantages of using cannabis and a lot of stigma was associated with it. The propagation of negative opinions and perspectives without science and the  misunderstandings associated with it brought about an aversion for cannabis, which led to the development of strict laws against the use of such products. Many of us grew up knowing this stigma and believing it, and a number of us have been hurt by it. Consequently, companies who want to venture into this products now will have a lot of trouble getting their products sold even though the strict laws have been withdrawn in many states.

To eliminate the stigma will take a while and one of the ways to do this is by using the means by which it came about to dissolve it.  People are easily influenced by influential people and that is why Ray J is good for this business.

Marijuana is good medicine, even the government have realized it, hence promoting and sponsoring its production should be encouraged, even if only for the fact that it is highly medicinal. New celebs like Ray J have become involved in promoting and endorsing cannabis companies.

The Impact of Cannabis on the Quality of Life

Ray J is cousins to the legendary Snoop Dogg, for those who aren’t aware. As you would expect, he possess the influence required to get his job done as required by his contra with Fundanna. Persuading other celebrities like himself to make significant investments shouldn’t be a problem.

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