Kansas City Rapper Clarke “Did It Again”


“Tryna jump out a Benz yeah, with some Cartier lens yeah, having money to spend yeah, I just did it again…”

– quote from “Did It Again”

Kansas City rapper Clarke, who has been taking the city by storm since his major success in 2015, has hit higher with his new single “Did It Again”.

In his fast paced video produced by Skrilly Vision Films, Clarke talks about making big bucks, driving nice cars, ladies, being an example and how he “Did It Again”.

CB has been a force to reckon with in the music industry since his release “Look Like a Lick” made it to virtually every radio station in 2015.

In 2016, CB alongside Atlanta rapper Que featured in the song “Work” which instantly gained him the recognition as one of the best Kansas City’s music industry has to offer. 

Not only did Clarke do well with music, he was also topnotch in academics and won a lot of scholarships through school.

CB attended Lincoln College Prep Academy and was schoolmates with the son of the 51st Mayor of Kansas City; Mark Funkhouser and friends with the son of Mayor Sly James in high school.

Middle school brought his paths to cross with Caviart/Shoehouse artist Riley PNP, who later became his friend and featured in his “Lemon Squeeze” track.

Clarke earned a number of academic scholarships through school until he bagged a degree from UMKC.


In 2018, the rap artist who has been doing an amazing job of creating something unique out of a mix of fonk, grit and trap music made three music releases; “Vol 2”, “Rappers Ain’t Friends”, and “Nice to Hear from You”.

 “Rappers Ain’t Friends” was a mixture of insight and brilliant flow as CB talks about how much one can do in the industry alone without the help of anyone. And while that might have made one think he had no friends at all, but with featured appearances from a few guest artists, one would conclude that the rapper indeed has some friends after all. 

Clarke has undoubtedly become a consistent talent in the music scene and with the release of his new track “Did It Again”, he goes far to show that it only gets bigger and better. 

Clarke looks to make more good music this year, so enjoy “Did It Again” while you wait.


Instagram/Twitter: @cbdem68

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