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Rosco P Flxn

Rosco P Returns with New Track “FLXN” Produced by DeeJay Shyne

“Been on fire for a minute, I been grinding independent, know them labels coming with it…” – quote from “FLXN” STREAM:  https://soundcloud.com/deejayshyne/rosco-p-deejay-shyne-flxn It’s all about hitting back better with Rosco P as he returns with a hot track that reminds you the talented artist means business. A banging new single produced by DeeJay Shyne and directed by Derien Aurelius, “FLXN” is packed full of the ever present energy Rosco P offers in a fast paced delivery with a banging beat, […]

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Finessed Has Something for His Haters in Newest Release “Want Me Dead”

“They like Finessed, that boy is blessed…b*** I’m still here, they want me dead…” – quote from “Want Me Dead” STREAM: https://song.link/i/1473556842 Bay Area hip-hop artist Finessed is thrilling his fans once again with his latest release “Want Me Dead”. Produced by Steppin’ Beats and directed by Ali Networks, “Want Me Dead” is a song that everyone can relate to and enjoy, especially those who know what it means to live with people hating you and not wanting you to […]

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Grice Drops Highly-Anticipated New Song “In The Air”

“Yeah, hating cause I’m self-made, so much game the commentator say it’s well played…” – quote from “In The Air” STREAM: https://open.spotify.com/track/1Cc74D1aj6hhlrHQvz2Tlp Hip-hop artist David Grice has just released the first track “In The Air” and is already recording high numbers of streaming and listenership online. The Columbia, South Carolina artist, who has made a name for himself in the hip-hop industry due to his versatility and creativity, is once again raising the bars and exceeding expectations like he has […]

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Micki Ronnae

Micki Ronnae Drops New Age Music Video “Cream”

“I swear to God, I’m too much for TV, I’m in and out them n** hardly see me…” – quote from “Cream” STREAM: https://song.link/a/B07MD27CGG Bright and promising artist Micki Ronnae is becoming the cream of the crop as she drops her new music video “Cream”. “Cream” is a new-age video featuring a hard trap beat, colorful visuals, beautiful effects and hard sound lyrics that not many rappers can boast of. She raps about having lots of cash while “grinding hard […]

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Nisha Releases New Visual for “Figures”

“All you care about is figures, money figures, body figures, trynna figure who’s is bigger…” – quote from “Figures” Singer and songwriter, Nisha has hit home with the release of her newest single “Figures”. The multi-talented artist known for her unique eclectic style of music has put together what can be described as an original piece of art with a resounding message that stems from a fusion of diverse genres of music creatively knitted to “wow” you. “Figures” is way […]

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Missy Elliot

Missy Elliott Makes an Epic Comeback with “Throw It Back” Video

Photo Credit: Atlantic Records There is no better way for an icon like hip-hop queen Missy Elliott to make an appearance than her new video “Throw It Back” from her “Iconology” album. Ever since “Iconology” hit the air on Friday morning, we have not been able to keep calm as Missy reminds us of how good music is done. This is the first release we’ve had from the five-time Grammy award winner, singer, rapper, songwriter, producer and female hip-hop icon […]

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Ay Wing

Ay Wing Says Goodbye to the Summer with “Orange Dreamer”

“Nothing ever stays the same, seasons changing, storms stopped raging…” – quote from “Orange Dreamer” Berlin based musician, songwriter, and producer Ay Wing’s latest single “Orange Dreamer” is what can be best described as a beautiful representation of an amazing journey through time.  “Orange Dreamer” is a smooth, soothing track with beautiful flow featuring contemporary R&B beat produced by German music producer Shuko. STREAM: https://open.spotify.com/track/5EEtTFmVrAduqDGv5fOLXA The Swiss born artist whose music is a creative blend of unique candy-colored, beat driven […]

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Lil Ruff House Is Kodak Moves the Crowd with “John Deer”

“We just let the rats get caught up in the trap, then the squad come through and we snatch up all the cheese…” – quote from “John Deer” Kansas City rapper and hip-hop singer Lil Ruff House Is Kodak (RHIK) has released a hit single “John Deer”. The fast growing musician featured his brother King Krook a.k.a Solo on this amazing music that has got everyone feeling and singing along. “John Deer”, which features not only Lil Ruff but also […]

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Riva Le'Rose

Riva Le’Rose Wows Fans with “Wine for Me”

“Baby cross my heart, hope to take a stand tonight, let’s make love to the moon and back all night…” – quote from “Wine for Me” Miami recording artist Riva Le’Rose has hit harder with her new music video “Wine for Me”. “Wine for Me” is a sexy appealing video that showcases Riva’s ability to combine good lyrics with steamy body movement, into what is beyond doubt a hit video. Produced by Prostreamz films, the video is set on the […]

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Sativa vs. Indica Strains

Photo Credit: Mostafameraji “When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself…” – quote from Bob Marley There are two main medicinal plant varieties of cannabis, each offering a distinct set of benefits. It is essential to understand the distinction between the two to find the appropriate strain for you. The varieties of plants are often divided into specific strains or breeds. Strains are characterized by their particular content of cannabinoids and terpenes. These compounds determine the general effects […]

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