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As with many other medicinal plants employed in the therapeutical field that benefits the human organism medicinal cannabis must be thoroughly tested to make sure it is both suitable for human consumption and is provided at the right potency to render the pharmaceutical benefits from which it is obtained.

Eventually, if classified as a controlled medical product, cannabis would be rigorously evaluated to meet strict quality (potency and purity) and safety of the final product.


When it comes to evaluating the potency of the cannabis plant, Trichomes play one of the crucial components of the desired highly potent product.Harvesting the marijuana plant according to trichome maturity, is also an effect of the potency of medicinal cannabis.

Excellent pot is almost always coated with white, crystal-like, trichomes.

These are the glands of the plant that produce oils and flavonoids called cannabinoids that are responsible for the psychoactive effect.A good indicator of marijuana’s potency is when you can see these crystals with the naked eye.

These trichomes develop into big sacs at the ends of the glandular system of the plant, and the bigger the sacs, the more likely the pot is potent.

An additional way for inspecting the pot crystals is with a magnifying glass to determine the trichomes ripeness.

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Moistue Content

Another indicator of cannabis potency is moisture content. The water content in cannabis flowers is the most variable thing. This fact can low or increase the THC content of the buds.

If the stem only bends, then the quality of the product is not top-notch and may result in a weed that doesn’t offer its maximum potency when it comes to taste, aroma, and scent.

The flavonoids and terpenes are one of the significant components, and for this reason, the pot should be carefully dried and cured. Here we have in view the fact that the flower should not crumble when squeezed. It is preferable that the flower should be spongy and not completely dry, but the stems should snap.


Color is another crucial element in determining the marijuana plant’s value. Color adds one of the highest characteristics in cannabis plant varieties. Sometimes a specific color does not necessarily determine exceptional pot, and its genetics can determine it.

From the large panel of numerous strains that possess their natural tones and shades, the color varies from light green tints to even golden hues.

A properly matured and cured plant should exhibit a light to dark green color with red hairs coated in a frost-like density of trichomes. A product that shows signs of bleaching means that the flavors and potency are fading and also adding to the fact that it has been exposed to light extensively.

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Leaf & Shape

Acknowledging the quality of the desired product that yields excellent potency can also be evaluated by its shape. The desired product should be attentively trimmed of its leaves.

The leaves do not constitute a significant part for cannabis potency since they do not contain the oil glands responsible for the psychoactive effect.

The whole intention behind cutting a cannabis plant is to maximize the THC content of the yielding parts of the plant and decrease the quantity of leaf or stem.

Some growers use machines for trimming cannabis leaves, but sometimes these machines can damage the buds and cast away a portion of the valuable trichomes.

A cautious approach towards the cannabis medicinal buds is attested by the attentive growers, which means that they carefully trim and care for the pot.


Evaluating the quality of the Marijuana plant, sometimes it is enough to capture the scent of a strain.

A little squeeze of the bud is enough to puff up the trichomes and release the terpenes wrapped in the tissue of the plant. Well-grown cannabis buds tend to have a recognizable pungent scent.

Frequently the highest quality flower exhibits the most excellent flavor indicating a high terpene content. Avoiding chemical nutrients during the plant life is crucial since sometimes these products alter the taste and smell of cannabis buds.

Moreover, aged or mishandled flowers tend to have grassy and musty smells.

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