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Know the Quality of Your Bud

As with many other medicinal plants employed in the therapeutical field that benefits the human organism medicinal cannabis must be thoroughly tested to make sure it is both suitable for human consumption and is provided at the right potency to render the pharmaceutical benefits from which it is obtained. Eventually, if classified as a controlled medical product, cannabis would be rigorously evaluated to meet strict quality (potency and purity) and safety of the final product. Trichomes When it comes to […]

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Champloo Sloppy

“Been through hell, burned by the flames, but I made it back…” – quote from “Pretty Heartless” Fast rising rap sensation Champloo Sloppy dropped the visuals for his new track Boneless Drugs. The hit-making video was directed by Menelik Marutle and features rapper Lil Toe. A little about ChamplooSloopy: Champloo Sloppy is a fast rising musical artist. He was born in Poughkeepsie, NY and raised in Raleigh North Carolina by his single Mother. The unfortunate death of his sister and […]

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