SirDevon Drops “Energy”


“Thought you should know, I’m the next to blow, I rep that K.O…”

– quote from “Energy”

Denver born and based artist SirDevon is blazing hot and the next big thing in the world of hip-hop, and the young artist shows no sign of slowing his pace anytime soon.

The multitalented SirDevon is a song writer, dancer, music producer, as well as an all-round entertainer who uses his music to inspire, motivate and entertain his audience. 

His latest track “Energy” is a blend of hip-hop and rap and sounds in every sense like its name. SirDevon inspires confidence in his songs as he tells his listeners to not be afraid to speak their minds and do whatever they do with unfailing energy. You can hear him chanting “Energy” all through the highly upbeat song that would no doubt fill you with energy by the time you are done listening. 

SirDevon has often expressed his desire to learn a lot and work hard towards achieving his dream of becoming successful with his music.

He says he always knew music was it for him and his mother linked him up with SM Energy ideaLAB where he did his first music recording; since then there has been no going back for him. 

Ever grateful to his mom, he accords a lot of his success to her inspiration, directives and support.  

Above all things, SirDevon believes he will get to the peak of his musical career and get to the point of perfection as he works hard and trusts God for providence and greater possibilities.

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