Tain Releases “On Track”


“Spread my wings, watch how I live out these dreams…”

– quote from “On Track”

Denver-based artist Tain has dropped yet another hit song that has kept the people vibing with his latest release “On Track”.

Tain’s latest track is another burst of motivation and energy from the vocals of the “Summer Fine” artist.

Like the name implies, “On Track” speaks about getting one’s life on track and staying clear from things that could cut one’s life short.

Produced by AI$AV GLOBAL ENT, the song is shot entirely in black and white except for the on screen lyrics which brought a blend of color to the scenery.

Tain uses representation to pass across the message in his lyrics as he speaks about how we only live once and as a result one must get their life on track so as not to lose it early. A rail track is the most featured aspect of the music video, as the rapper calls for one to get one’s self on track.

The highly motivational song gives credit to prayer, hard work and focus as the ingredients for success as opposed to the quick way out society seems to prescribe.

“On Track” will keep you up on the vibe with a dose of motivation as it teaches you what is real.


Tain has been thrilling his audience since 2007 when he joined a music group called the Rich City Screw in Virginia where he did a couple of on stage performances.  He was moved by his audience responses and quickly realized that he would want to further explore music and wordplay.

Soon after, he produced an underground song he titled “Pull Up to the Club” which soon had all his audience singing to the lyrics word for word. In his words, it was at that point he knew music was something he was supposed to do.

In 2017, Tain dropped another highly upbeat and romantic song where he featured Miss Bee, he called it “Summer Fine”. A fusion of hip hop and R&B, “Summer Fine” explored both the romantic angle and general life situations in a thrilling blend that left people singing for a long time.

“Summer Fine” was a rave for the ladies as Tain gave a lot of credit to Women with the aim to put them in a more positive light than what is obtainable in other songs across the board.

Released on Valentine’s Day in 2017, Summer Fine paid special attention to the romantic relationship between a man and a woman in what he describes as a “happy and positive” song.

From 2007 till this moment, Tain continues to thrill his audience with beautiful upbeat songs that always keep his listeners having fun. He is still very much involved in stage performance as well as recording songs and music videos which you can find everywhere on the internet.






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