Lil Nas X’s Life Changing Song “Old Town Road”

Lil Nas X

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Transiting from a homeless college drop out to a top-ranking music star is indeed a life-changing experience that is bound to surprise even the most expectant individual. This was the case of Lil Nas X whose single hit “Old Town Road” has taken his life to a whole new level within a short time.

According to him, he began by popularizing his songs on Twitter before he came across the beats for his ground-breaking hit on YouTube. Having paid a little token for the beat, he went on to release the song on his own.

It’s easy to expect that the song made it to the top as soon as it was release – but it didn’t. He first tried to popularize the song on Twitter but it didn’t get as much reaction as he had expected. He kept pushing even though he had to go from one sibling’s house to the other in a bid to have a roof over his head. It eventually went viral after he decided to put it in memes on Tik Tok.

Not long after, Lil Nas X found his song debuting at the 19th place on Billboard’s country chart. In fact, he currently has celebs like Kim Kardashian West and Tom Brady as huge fans; and even Variety’s high-ranking music editor, Jenn Aswad proclaimed the song as the biggest song of 2019.

“Old Town Road” topped the charts for the Hot 100 and Hot Rap Songs for nine weeks and holds the first three plus five other positions among the first ten on the chart for the biggest streaming weeks ever. Surprisingly, it also topped the Digital Songs Sales for six weeks.

Not only did “Old Town Road” stay on top of music charts for long, the song has also raised some controversial dusts among country fans. They argue that a black rapper is incapable of creating a country song. Instead of discouraging the young rapper, the debate has even brought about an impossible union between him and Billy Ray Cyrus, a popular country legend who openly declares his love for the song.

Lil Nas X is Now Everywhere…

Since his song hit debut, the 20-year-old rapper now performs in more occasions than ever. Just recently, he gave some grade school children in Ohio a surprise performance, scored the preview of Rambo and entertained the spectators for the first game of the Stanley Cup Series in Boston. He also got to perform alongside Cardi B at Summer Jam where he ended up stealing the show.

Alongside Cyrus, he also had his first performance at the Stagecoach Festival this spring.

As if the fame wasn’t enough, the rapper has just closed a partnership deal with Wrangler after name-dropping the fashion line in his Old Town Road lyrics. Many fans are angry and are calling for a boycott of the fashion brand, but none of this would stop the music star from adding selectivity and unique taste to his fans.

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