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DC the Barber

DC the Barber

When it comes to haircuts, beards trimming, hair styling and carvings, DC the Barber is known for turning one’s hair into a piece of art. David Cardinal, popularly called DC the Barber has stormed the scene and changed haircuts to a big deal with his works that has got everyone running in to get a piece of his impeccable designs. The Denver, Colorado born and raised barber is beyond doubt the cream of the crop as he could literally transform […]

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SirDevon Drops “Energy”

“Thought you should know, I’m the next to blow, I rep that K.O…” – quote from “Energy” Denver born and based artist SirDevon is blazing hot and the next big thing in the world of hip-hop, and the young artist shows no sign of slowing his pace anytime soon. The multitalented SirDevon is a song writer, dancer, music producer, as well as an all-round entertainer who uses his music to inspire, motivate and entertain his audience.  His latest track “Energy” […]

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CBD & Drug Testing

CBD is found in many forms, especially as an oil and extract. The products are incorporated in certain forms of administration as vape oil, sublingual drops, oil-based tinctures, capsules, edibles or even as skin topics. Nonetheless, unlike THC, which is responsible for its “high” effect, CBD is not psychoactive. Benefits of CBD Oil Even though it is a non-intoxicant component of the Marijuana plant, however, people fail to pass drug tests despite the claim that consumption of CBD on a […]

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Rapper Nas & his Latest Ventures

Photo Credit: Rzom_ Nas to Write a Children’s Book Called “I Know I Can” It is not unusual to hear about Nas’ commitments and contributions towards changing the world. This time, he has revealed his interest in writing a children’s book. The book is to be titled “I Know I Can”, which also happens to be the title of one of his biggest songs. He took to Instagram to post a cartoon image of a family looking at the world, […]

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Tana Ten Birdz

Tana 10 Birdz Releases “Trap Caviar”

“Put faith inside my hustle, so we ain’t gotta struggle…​” – quote from “Trap Caviar” Denver based hip-hop artist Tana Ten Birdz is at it again as he drops thrilling new song “Trap Caviar”. The Denver, Colorado artist has not stopped dropping good music since his 3rd studio album, which was released in July 2018 after spending 6 years in prison. The self proclaimed King of Denver trap music, Tana has released a number of songs and albums such as […]

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Tain Releases “On Track”

“Spread my wings, watch how I live out these dreams…” – quote from “On Track” Denver-based artist Tain has dropped yet another hit song that has kept the people vibing with his latest release “On Track”. Tain’s latest track is another burst of motivation and energy from the vocals of the “Summer Fine” artist. Like the name implies, “On Track” speaks about getting one’s life on track and staying clear from things that could cut one’s life short. Produced by […]

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GRID Magazine Spring Photoshoot

GRID Magazine Spring Photoshoot II

This month, GRID Magazine hosted its 2nd Spring Photoshoot in Downtown Denver Colorado at a beautiful space ideal for the shoot’s magic. The photoshoot started with sessions on a vintage Italian leather couch where photographer Kevin Hernandez put his brilliance on full display to conceptualize the look he wanted to capture. Laura Lateralus guided models throughout the shoot with stunning poses and expressions while Whodashoota filmed the whole experience. During the shoot, models Talia, Ashkiiboi, and Tamika shared their individual experience […]

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Rihanna makes Forbes List & noted as World’s Richest Female Musician

Photo Credit: Vimeo Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Rihanna has been noted as the World’s Richest Female Musician, making up to $600 million as a singer, style icon and makeup entrepreneur. She evolved into the makeup industry with Fenty Beauty, which she co-owns with LVMH, a French luxury goods group ran by billionaire Bernard Arnault. Fenty was founded in 2017 at Sephora and generated $100 million in sales in its first few weeks. It also made an estimated $570 million in […]

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Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X’s Life Changing Song “Old Town Road”

Photo Credit: DiFronzo Transiting from a homeless college drop out to a top-ranking music star is indeed a life-changing experience that is bound to surprise even the most expectant individual. This was the case of Lil Nas X whose single hit “Old Town Road” has taken his life to a whole new level within a short time. According to him, he began by popularizing his songs on Twitter before he came across the beats for his ground-breaking hit on YouTube. […]

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Jay Z

JAY Z Becomes Hip-Hop’s First Billionaire

Photo Credit: The Come Up Show It’s official! Jay Z has made history by becoming hip-hop’s first billionaire. This announcement was made by global finance magazine, Forbes on June 3rd, after they calculated his assets and investments, which span across music, real estate, winery and many others. According to Forbes Magazine, the report also considered “a customary discount to private firms,” and also subtracted a huge chunk of funds which is believed to cover the cost of maintaining the rapper’s […]

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