Yeshua Releases New Holy Trap Project “His Eyes Were On God”


“All them burdens they just getting heavier, and you just trying to carrying them underground like you’re Harriet…”

– quote from “Chapter III (Love Him)”

Yeshua Daya Sandesh Singh aka Yeshua is a Denver artist, producer, and engineer who practice monk and spiritual catalyst. He aims to help all receive the discovery of self-recognition regardless of religious belief. He coins his sound as “Holy Trap”, sharing a familiar, yet transcendental approach.

Listen to Yeshua’s most recent project “His Eyes Were on God” on all streaming platforms. Check out his debut beat EP “Freedom from the Known” on SoundCloud.

Stream: https://fanlink.to/btbT


Twitter: omegayesh

IG: omegayesh

SoundCloud: YESHUA

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