T.I.’s Son Domani Harris Releases New Visual for “Game We Play”

Domani Harris
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Domani Harris dropped new video “Game We Play” alongside the announcement of his newest project “Time Will Tell”.

In “Game We Play”, which was shot in black and white, the rapper engages in a game of chess with a hooded figure as he recounts and regrets the fact that people take life as a game without thoughts about the consequences of their actions and decisions.

With over 115k views on YouTube and 130k streams on Spotify, “Game We Play” is so far a very successful preview to “Time Will Tell”.

The “Time Will Tell” project, which was released on May 24th, tells a story similar to his own blooming musical career, which he has often claimed is not as easy as people think it is.

Born in Georgia, 18-year-old Domani grew up in the world of hip-hop music, which is not farfetched; having famous rapper “T.I.” Harris for a father and mentor.

Acclaiming his inspiration, Domani has often expressed that growing up watching his father do music, as well as seeing how his father’s music affected the world moved him to become a voice in the world.

Domani was first sighted on reality TV at age 10 when he made his debut on six seasons of VH1’s “Family Hustle”.

He kicked off his rap career on a professional level in 2011 while on a tour with his father T.I.

In July 2016, he released his album “The Process” that includes six songs, which was closely followed by his debut EP “The Constellation” released in 2017.

Without thoughts of slowing down, on his 18th birthday, Domani dropped an eight track project titled “Amygdala” which x-rayed and displayed a whole lot of human emotions and feelings.

In 2018, Domani was nominated alongside his father for a Tony Award for Best Score and their contribution to Spongebob Squarepants: The Musical.

The flourishing teen rapper has gained a wide listenership on SoundCloud and YouTube, as he has been discovering and improving himself and this can be seen through his deep thoughtful lyrics.

In what could be a reflection of his age, Domani’s songs have been known to focus more on teen romance and youthful experiences, often reaching deep into the minds of his young and old listeners alike.

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