Karlie Redd’s Fiancé Calls Off Engagement After Watching Her “Flirt” with MoneyBagg Yo

Karlie Redd
Photo Credit: Instagram

Love and Hip-Hop star Karlie Redd seems to be unfortunate with love, as her relationships keep hitting the brick wall each time it looks like her love life is making headway.

The 45-year-old reality star was recently on an Instagram live stream with MoneyBagg Yo, where the rapper was inviting her to meet up and attend his concert in DC.

The live stream didn’t go down well with fans, as they said she was acting rather too flirty with the rapper. One of the fans quickly went off on a home-wrecking mission and sent the video to Karlie’s Fiancé, Mo Fayne.

The Arkansas businessman who was expectedly pissed to watch his woman “flirting” went on Instagram and posted:

“When someone accuses you of doing something you’re not doing, it’s usually because they’re the ones doing it. Big facts!!!

“Thanks for sending me that live feed…I’m officially SINGLE … Please don’’ ask me about my ex, slander her name, or mention her to me…even though we are no longer together…I will always have love and respect for her….it’s very simple, we tried and we tried hard it didn’t work! Wish her the best!!! #single #nodisrespect #wishyouthebest.”

He has long ago deleted the post, but not before it went viral.

Although Karlie has yet to officially say anything about the breakup, it seems as though she’s focused on continuing her IVF treatment despite the broken engagement.

In spite of the controversy, she posted on her Instagram saying:

“#BabyBoy Keep Watching To See What’s About To Happen! When Everything Comes Out Ladies U will Be Proud Of Me #BabiesAreBlessings #SilenceIsGolden”

Could this be the end of their love story or is this just some kind of celebrity stunt leading up to the next season of the reality show? Time will tell.

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