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2Times is one of the hottest young talents out of Kansas City. Influenced heavily by his cousin King Keys at a young age, 2Times took an interest to the rap game. After finding his uniqueness and fine tuning his skills, 2Times career has taken off and he’s quickly become the talk of the town dropping 3 projects since 2017 titled “2nd and 2”, “Play Me or Spray Me”, and “Add it Up”. Out of the younger generation 2Times is definitely holding the torch, averaging 100,000 views on each video. His latest release is expected to do even better as he collaborates with Skrilly Vision Films for his newest visual “All I Rap About”. Check it out and leave a comment below.

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  1. Cuhz iz da TRUTH. I put my 💰 on cuhz. I need a collaboration. Imma CREEP to cuhz. Nelco & 2 Times. One2 puchin shii thee fucc up

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