Vigalantee – Kansas City Kansas Activist Inspiring Others to be More

Roger Suggs

Roger Suggs, popularly called “Vigalantee” is a Chicago born Kansas based rapper, entrepreneur, emcee, and youth activist. He’s best known for his expressive songs, youth mentorship and activism, as well as his creative use of acronyms to title his songs and albums, which has earned him the alias “King of Acronyms”.

As a young man, Vigalantee grew up in an environment plagued with hostility, gang wars, racism, segregation, and poverty, which birthed a determination to push for the success of the blacks in the area and create healthy mentorship for youths to help them grow above their challenges.

Vigalantee, who has also been referred to as “The King of Kansas”, has been doing music on a professional level since 1993 and independently operates his own record label PhatAhDat Records.

Website: https://www.truththereason.com/

With over 15 albums under his belt including A Second is a Lifetime, No Jaangle movement, A.N.I.M.A.L (A Nation in Misery Alienated and Lost), M.I.R.A.C.L.E (Music Inspiring Real Accomplishment Creating Love Everlasting), and Poor Man Story, Vigalantee’s songs are unique and sometimes controversial as he uses them often to take a stand on social and political issues as well as carry out advocacies against societal vices and human experiences such as racism, prejudice, sexism, murder, poverty, justice, religious discrimination, and civil rights.

A mentor of many young artistes, Vigalantee has also made his mark in society, especially among the youths. His initiative, the “No Jaangle Movement” focuses on helping young people develop a sense of purpose and direction, financial stability, as well as moving away from the place of ignorance to become success stories regardless of their background.

Vigalantee also co-founded the Fringe Benefits of Education (F.B.O.E) alongside Dr. Denise McDowell with support from the Kansas City Kansas Community College. The program was created in 2007 with the aim of engaging and educating African-American students between the ages of 17 and 22, and providing them scholarship opportunities.

Vigalantee has introduced different programs such as Operation Retention, and Mr and Mrs Metoo, T.R.U.T.H (The Reason You Try Harder), all of which have motivated youths to overcome life’s challenges placed before them and become better persons.

With his musical career and youth activism that has touched many lives, Roger Suggs aka Vigalantee is doubtless a very influential personality in the music industry as well as the Black society.

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