Succeed Phlguy

Succeed Phlguy

Succeed Phlguy is a fast-rising musical act who was born in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Growing up in a Christian family, Succeed always attended church, and by the time he was 8 years old, he was already an indispensable member of the church choir. The little boy fast became a singing sensation, wowing people with his voice every Sunday.

With time, he discovered the wordsmith part of him, and he began to write poems and his own musical lyrics, which developed into hip hop sounds. At the age of thirteen, Succeed was unstoppable. He went around performing in public gatherings and winning several talent shows in his community and state. His biggest musical influences include Nas, MJG, Scareface, Redman and The Geto Boys.

As a little boy growing up in the hood, Succeed was not immune to the life on the streets. He played golf and basketball with other kids, and to the dismay of his parents who always tried to shield him from danger, he also got involved with the street life, hanging out with the wrong crowd, smoking weed and disturbing the peace of the streets.

At the age of twenty, Succeed moved to Dallas with the dream of making it big in the music industry, and putting his city of Arkansas on the music map. He signed a recording deal with Big Wills Record, and has so far released three mixtapes. Succeed has recently launched his own record label called Phyl Guy Society. The logo of the music label, an image of a bird flying in an upside down position,  was created with the help of his friend Slope, and according to Succeed, it signifies “living life to the fullest, making a lot of money and living lavish!”

Succeed has performed with different artists in the industry including Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Flo Rida, Big Krit, Curren$y and lots more. He says that everything he writes in his lyrics is a true representation of how his life has been. His popular hit single Secure the Bag talked about how he was frustrated with being broke, so he decided to take a bold step to go after his dreams and secure the bag. He has so far worked his way to becoming a classic role model. Succeed is now living his best life; he now shuttles between Las Vegas and Miami, making music, doing business, and growing his music label.

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/succeed-americasgentleman/succeed-secure-the-bag-sr-mix

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