Bun B Shoots Armed Intruder in his Home

Bun B
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Rapper Bernard Freeman, popularly known by his stage name Bun B engaged in a shootout with an armed burglar who broke into his home and attempted to make away with his wife’s vehicle.

Reports say the masked burglar who was later identified as 20 year old DeMonte Jackson visited the rapper’s Texas home on Tuesday evening at about 5:45pm, rang the doorbell and forced himself in.

Thinking it was a delivery person, Bun B’s wife, Queenie opened the door without looking to confirm who it was. She came face to face with Jackson who threatened her at gunpoint to provide him with valuables.

Upon confrontation, Queenie pleaded with him and offered that the intruder takes her Audi which was parked in their garage.

The Grammy-nominated Houston legend belonging to the rap duo UGK who is also widely recognized for his successful solo album ‘Trill OG’ is reported to have heard a ruckus as the intruder moved to take the car from the garage, grabbed his own gun and headed downstairs to investigate the cause of the noise.

Police reports that the Trill OG rapper had a face-off with the suspect in his garage where they exchanged gunshots, causing the suspect to sustain a bullet wound to his shoulder.

Jackson ran off on foot after sustaining a gunshot wound, abandoning the vehicle and his gun as he made away.

He was however apprehended by the police when he visited a Houston hospital with a gunshot wound a few hours after the shootout and was taken into jail custody upon receiving treatment after being identified by Bun B in a photo lineup.

The 20 year old Jackson is being charged on two counts of aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon as well as burglary, while police have said that Bun B will not face any charge.

Attorney Charles Adams, who represents Bun B explained that Jackson was seen trying to force his way into other homes in the neighborhood and was successful in making his way into their home and then pointed a gun to his wife’s head.

Neither Bun B nor his wife was wounded in the course of the attack.

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