Is Diddy Still Not Over J. Lo?

J Lo Diddy
Photo Credit: The Celebrity Insider

Diddy has a habit of achieving every goal he sets and he isn’t a man who looks back or live in the past, but it seems as he might have to look back now as he is finding it very difficult to get over his ex-Jennifer Lopez.

J. Lo who is now in relationship with Alex Rodriguez posted a picture of hers after No carbs, No Sugar 10 Day Challenge and Diddy was there to praise her immediately for her beauty by posting a heart eyed emoji.

He came on her Instagram again when J. Lo shared a video of her again performing “Heartbreak Hotel” during the NBA All-Star match. Diddy commented “You in dat zone keep killing dem.” He also added a heart emoji followed by three flame emojis.

There were rumors that Diddy might try to win J. Lo back, but a close source to Diddy completely denied that.

“Jennifer will always be one of Diddy’s great loves, and he still cherishes her and their memories to this day” the source said, adding, “But he isn’t pursuing her. He was simple giving her a well-deserved compliment, not trying to swoop her up.”

A close source to J Lo also came forward and stated that J LO is in love with A – Rod but she is flattered by Sean’s gesture.

“Jen is flattered by Sean’s flirty comment on her social media.” The source said, adding “Jen has been working really hard on her diet, exercise and health lately so she feels good about how she looks and it glad that her ex is taking notice. However, she is totally in love with her boyfriend Alex, who even told her he was going to comment back at Diddy. Jen has remained friendly with Diddy over the years since they were a couple, and if the timing were different, she might feel differently about his sweet message online, but for now, she is funny invested in looking good for her man Alex.”

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