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0sb0rne’s “Safe & Sound”: A Melancholic Ode to Lost Love


Emerging from the dynamic interplay of trap-pop, 0sb0rne, a 21-year-old Michigan-born, Berlin-based singer-songwriter, brings a fresh perspective to the music scene with his new song “Safe & Sound.” This track, deeply rooted in the emotions of cherishing past moments and the pain of realizing their worth too late, resonates with the complexities of love and regret.

“Safe & Sound” is a poignant reflection on the bittersweet nature of memories and the harsh truth of losing what one once had due to selfishness. It’s a song that delves into the heartache of falling in and out of love, capturing the essence of emotional turmoil and self-reflection. 0sb0rne’s innovative trap-pop sound, a blend of dark pop and melancholic trap, breaks away from the conventional hip-hop mold, offering listeners a unique auditory experience.

His debut EP, “Know Me,” is a testament to 0sb0rne’s artistic versatility. His husky yet mellow vocals gracefully envelop the soulful instrumentals, creating a raw and emotive soundscape. The EP’s nine tracks are a journey through 0sb0rne’s heart, each melody enhancing his introspective lyrics and creating an intimately captivating experience.

0sb0rne’s music strikes a chord with audiences because it mirrors life’s universal themes – love, heartbreak, and intricate emotions. “Safe & Sound,” as part of the “Know Me” EP, showcases 0sb0rne’s ability to wear his heart on his sleeve, making his music not just a collection of songs but a deeply personal narrative that listeners can connect with on a profound level.



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