Juicey Adoir


Juicey Adoir is one of the sexiest models the industry has seen in a long time. With a mixed heritage of a Creole and German, her appearance is very exotic and unique. Juicey Adoir invaded the modeling arena after being “discovered” by national photographer at a concert in her hometown of Columbus, Ohio. Her first professional photo shoot was welcomed with several magazine and video offers.

Juicey Adoir has promoted and hosted several successful nightclub parties, events, concerts and award shows throughout the state of Ohio. In a short time, she has been able to build a solid social media fan base, which is inclusive of over ten thousand Facebook Fans and Twitter followers, collectively. Aside from modeling, Juicey Adoir is a dedicated gym enthusiast and certified Personal Trainer. Not only is Juicey Adoir beautiful, she is very educated. She accomplished a double major in business and pre-law. Currently taking graduate courses in finance and marketing, which coincides with her successful small businesses.

In the modeling industry, you either have what it takes to be successful or not. Modeling professionals believe Juicey Adoir has the look and the intelligence to be very successful in this line of work. Ms. Juicey Adoir is definitely a triple threat to the industry: brilliant, beautiful and bossy.

“In the modeling industry, you either have what it takes to be successful or not.”

Juicey Adoir



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